Amsterdam / PADDLING

Anyone who knows Diego knows that he has rapidly adopted a variety of new activities and hobbies over the past year or so. Our small two-bedroom apartment has quickly become filled with surf boards, paddle boards, hiking boots, yoga mats, and more bikes than any two people need. Considering his plethora of newly found pleasures, I decided to try and score some brownie points by booking … Continue reading Amsterdam / PADDLING

Amsterdam / WALKING I

Anything and everything with the word ‘free’ involved is a real eye-catcher when you’re a traveling student with a limited budget. Naturally, we had to take Amsterdam up on one of its free walking tours. The Sandeman’s New Europe walking tour came highly recommended (according to the Yelp gurus), so I booked us in for a midday tour on a muggy, overcast Friday. Diego and … Continue reading Amsterdam / WALKING I